7 “natural cosmetic brands” Answer to the need

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Actually the trend of Natural cosmetics or organic cosmetics or any type of cosmetics that are extracted from nature have started to trend for quite a while. Plus, there are many brands that come out to meet the needs of organic women in a row. Emphasize more naturalness in terms of raw materials, ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com ingredients Until one form of packaging products are natural as well.

But we will not frustrate many songs Today we collect brand hunting. Natural cosmetics In the most extreme, let your friends who read this article have the opportunity to buy and use according to their own preferences.


Starting with the first brand, we believe everyone should be familiar with each other. That is the brand THREE natural cosmetics from Japan. The remarkable feature of THREE is not just cosmetics that emphasize natural extracts, not add too much chemicals. But his uniqueness lies in the product package that looks minimal, minimalist. At one glance, I could hardly guess that it was directly from the raw fish country like Japan. The product that I would like to try must give away THREE Translucent Loose Powder which is very light texture. Smooth surface, but without any heaviness in the face. Available in two colors. Plus, the color is similar to the skin condition of Asian women too.


Talk about Japan with the hipster. In Asia, we also have another country of Korea that besides being a landmark of many people’s dream destinations but also famous for its cosmetics. And if we talk about natural cosmetics, INNISFREE is one of the Korean brands that emphasize the nature of its ingredients very clearly, whether it is green tea serum like The Green Tea Seed Serum, FC Green Tea must not miss it. In all respects Above all It’s not just the nature that INNISFREE comes in, the stronger it is. Collaboration With a cartoon or a cute famous character like Snoopy that just came out for us to see the face and see the eyes for a moment

3. Lovella organics

A new brand of Thai people. That was intended to be an organic brand With the first product that gained many popularity One of the biggest reviews is the Lovella Organic lip balm, a 100% organic, all-organic lip balm. Plus 100% safe and non-toxic and helps restore a darkened mouth. Returning to the natural beautiful color, it has started to look like this.

4. Nature Republic 

This one is not talking about at all. The brand name is already guaranteed that how natural. Nature is so remarkable for Nature Republic, another brand that is direct from Korea. As for the famous product, it was a pyrotechnic. Must go to find a type called “Must have” must be given to Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Aloe Vera formula skin care gel in a transparent green jar. Can you imagine each other? I highly recommend this product for women with non-hydrated skin, apply it overnight after a shower. Keeps the skin moisturized really well. The main thing is that it smells very good. Natural fragrance, not pungent, suitable for people who do not like perfume. I can assure you that this love is for sure.


Shifting to the side of the skin care straight from the United States a little bit for Kiehl’s or Kiel’s has many voices suggest that For anyone who wants a cream to reduce wrinkles or dark spots and what it is Give me a try Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate a little, add radiance to the skin as well. This one, he says, is another Best Seller that is Kiehl’s bestseller, Ultra Facial Cream moisturizer, which nourishes and revitalizes the skin regularly. I secretly tell you how good this one is for people who are cold. Well, she contains Antarcticine, a unique glycoprotein that protects the skin from extreme cold temperatures. Take over

6. Yves Rocher

Last year, there was one shampoo and conditioner that was secretly subsonic in properties that help solve the problem of hair loss as well, that is, Yves Rocher or Yves Rocher. I have already fallen He also has a formula for shiny hair, dry hair, oily hair, straight hair, and lots more! A matter of nature, it really must be given to him. What is more, Yves Rocher shampoo bottle, she is environmentally friendly too, chic. Most importantly, we cheered on the scent a lot for this brand. Is the scent of Nang Lamoon, beautiful There was no irritation of any nose, but saw me cheering her hair shampoo this size. Not that there are any other products because no matter skin cream, shower cream, makeup, perfume, nail polish and any other, she has it.

7. Origins 

Another brand that is imported from as far away as the US is Origins, which comes with a simple package design, not a lot, but not too little. Origins is quite outstanding in terms of skin care. As for the most popular bestseller for skin lovers like us, you must give it a good black charcoal mask that cleanses your skin deeply with bamboo charcoal extract. The Bamboo Charcoal is added to the smoothness and softness with White China Clay, Kaolin from China. Featuring each other perfectly. Promotes the skin to shine