Fornals believes the youngster will benefit a lot

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West Ham United midfielder Pablo Fornals is delighted with the performance of the younger players. And I see that many people will benefit from these experiences.

Fornals The Hammers defeated Steaua Bucharest 3-0 in the Conference League Group B on Thursday night, giving the Hammers their six-match winning streak. ufabet group 

“We have already entered the round as number 1 in the group. But this is the success of the team. We’re here for a tough game. They have changed coaches, everyone is ready for this game,” the Spaniard, who only scored two goals, told BT Sport.

“We came here with a lot of youngsters but this is another place that is really happy and joyful. Because the youth team supports the first team with very good players. 

“I’m happy with the players who got the chance to play. They are really good 

“We are here to do our best because this is our chance. Happy with every player people because it is important to us as well. Not just personal performance, but also other players. in the team because they know we are strong.”

This competition and the Europa League has given us the opportunity to do that. The Premier League makes it very difficult to blood young players because of the level of the Premier League and the level of the players you must be to get in there. This competition has been great for us to get some young players a chance to show what they can do. I will always try and give the young players opportunities but I’ve said to them today, once you get that chance, you have to take it. Football doesn’t always give you lots and lots of chances, you need to try and jump on it. I thought the two boys today have done a decent job.